3-D printing soft matter: UF discovery leads to new engineering discipline

September 25, 2015 UF Preeminence

A University of Florida researcher exploring different techniques for 3-D printing has invented a method for manufacturing materials as soft as a cloud in a way never before possible.

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UF researchers reveal first Tree of Life for all 2.3 million named species

In the mid-90s, many of Doug Soltis’ colleagues told him that creating a tree of life – a map of Earth’s 2.3 million named species and the connections between them – couldn’t be done.

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Study identifies Nigerian strain of anthrax

September 14, 2015 Health and Wellness, UF Preeminence

A new study has confirmed the presence of a unique, potentially vaccine-evasive strain of anthrax in central Nigeria.

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Gaps in our biodiversity knowledge aren’t where you might think

September 8, 2015 Information Systems, UF Preeminence

Imagine a place where there’s much left to discover about animal life, and you might picture a remote tropical jungle. Scientists did, too – until they discovered that the places we know the least about aren’t always those with fewer resources for studying them, but emerging economies such as Brazil and China.

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UF Foundation announces Preeminence professorships

September 3, 2015 UF Preeminence

An internationally recognized microorganism researcher and an expert in health-related communication are recipients of this year’s University of Florida Foundation Preeminence Term Professorships. The professorships recognize the extraordinary accomplishments and prestige the awardees bring to the university and are accompanied with a cash award to advance their research.

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